Why do lesbians think that it's okay to insert themselves into their straight friends' relationships?

I've noticed that the girls I date who have lesbian friends, especially masculine lesbians, they think it's their place to insert themselves into their friend's relationship with a guy. I nearly got into a physical altercation with a lesbian friend of my ex who scolded me ("don't you hurt her") like a dad when we first got together. It's like they feel some kind of ownership over their friends, even though they're not lez.


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  • They feel like guys, like protective brothers. Their gender identity may be male? How would you feel if her feminine straight friend spoke up for her? Are these masculine female friends meddlesome or just feeling protective? They aren't throwing a cock block, right?

    • Some have tried to cock block. And no, I wouldn't take it kindly from a feminine straight friend, either. Only maybe a father can get away with that with me. I understand his position, because he raised her and invested his whole life into her. These other people are just along for the ride.

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    • That's what I think. A lot of really hot girls who are attention seekers always seem to have at least one lez friend who is like a beta orbiter, where she just hangs around hoping in vain and acting shitty to the bfs.

    • Those kind of people wait until she's feeling down or insecure, in a place of low stability and they make their move while perceiving her vulnerability. I'm not just talking about manly lesbians but anyone who might be predatorial.

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