How do I know if a girl likes me?

I need to know if people actually want to date me. I don't think anyone does but I don't know if anyone might like me. And I really want to know.


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  • Girls might give signs
    If they have a crush in u
    They start giggling a lot more and are nervous
    Can't make proper eye contact but they do look at u often but won't look u in the eyes
    Hang out with them and if they giving all these signs and u like them tooo
    Ask them out


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ask her. If she says she likes you then she likes you. If she says she doesn't then she doesn't.

    • But might that break a relationship? And I'm also not looking for a specific person. Just to see if anyone likes me

    • Asking directly looks and feels incredibly stupid but is the most effective way to find out. I could lie to you and be like if she smiles and plays with her hair while talking with you then she likes you, but that doesn't always work. And your build up and follow up to the question is more important when it comes to ruining a relationship or not.

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  • Simple rule, do they smile and laugh more with you than with most other people, good sign they wouldn’t mind dating you

  • Girls are mysteries, there is no way of knowing

  • Ok person pet peeve but dont unironicly play roblox I don't know person opinion


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