The reasons why you chose to date your guy/girl?

What are the main reasons why you chose to date your guy or your girl?


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  • ( Reasons I fell in love- IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER )

    >Very intelligent.

    >Really smart so I didn't feel like I'm was wasting valuable (learning) time talking to him

    >knows a lot about culture- studies anthropology- I love learning about culture

    >Similar world outlook, ethics, moral code.

    >Thinking about sex with him didn't freak me out- that's a first.

    >Many similar interests-including a few I didn't realize/ or had long since forgotten I had

    >Likes his mom

    >Doesn't do drugs

    >Challenges me

    >Inspires me

    >Good shape - we can do physical activities

    > He's Organized

    >Likes & speaks foreign languages- I do too

    > Hs a good teacher

    >He doesn't gossip

    >Understands the need for individual space

    >Likes Soccer

    >Good photographer

    >Good at chess


    >Doesn't pressure for sex- doesn't even talk about it

    >Likes to hear me speak/ what I have to say

    >Likes similar music- half my music comes from his collection

    >Got a Scholarship- not rich works hard

    >Completely competent, yet looks like a lost puppy sometimes- its so cute lol

    >Likes to travel & we like to talk about the world


    >Tells me if he's upset/mad/worried

    >He likes to ask me for advice

    > Smooth Brown skin

    >Hazel eyes

    >Long brown hair >Good with his hands

    >Creative thinker.

    >Things are never what they seem on my own- I like that

    > When I'm with him the world is a different place

    > He lights up every time he sees me & I think I did that & it makes me smile

    >I know light up too- I can feel it

    >He doesn't take his eyes of my eyes the whole time we are talking

    >He's never looked at my breasts once- when it was not appropriate

    > No one else exists when we are together-the world around me is silent- I've gotten in trouble a few times from this like almost getting hit by a car lol- no joke

    > I am very motivated around him

    >I work hard regardless, but work is easier more fun & I have more endurance when we study in the same room. ( IRONICALLY, before I met him, I never wanted to get involved with anyone because I was sure I wouldn't get work done, I was sure it would interfere. Well turns out, its a positive 'productive', disruption)

    >Good work ethics-works studies hard which is a good influence & inspiring

    >He asks me questions & tells me things he won't share with anyone else

    >Amazing heart melting soul shocking connection

    >The first time I saw him we just stared at each other for what felt like forever

    >I felt like I knew him my whole life,(I know its cliche but cliches exist for a reason)

    >Even tho I never get involved with people- I knew instantly , this one as different..

    >I felt obligated somehow- like the universe was telling me to not be an idiot ^^


    • > He asks me if 'its' OK. He asks. :)

      >Typo. >hands & >hair belong on separate lines.

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    • This guy sounds really cool. Good for you!

    • :-) XD

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  • i love her, I knew from the second I started talking her that I would get a crush on her. I did, then she crushed on me, and it was funny cause we didn't know we liked each other. and now were in love, I love her smile, her laugh, her honesty, that I know I can trust her, the things she's willing to put up with to stay with me. cause yeah, guys like to feel wanted too, and I feel it with her.

    i love her body, talking to her, texting her, watching as she falls asleep... my favorite thing to do is to hold her and kiss her and tell her I love her like I've never loved anyone or anything, and hearing her say, I love you too.

    there's no such thing as a perfect couple in my opinion, we have some problems we need to work on but I know I will be happy with her. she is the greatest person in the world in my opinion and I will stay with her for as long as she wants to stay with me, which she says is forever.

  • I'm single atm, but the things I'd look for most when I'm in a new relationship are: Am I staying motivated when I'm with her, are we happy when we're together, can we tell each other anything, do we understand each other, and do we have compatible future ideas

  • Felt more alive when I met her. She could date anyone she wants, yet she talks to me and wanted to learn more. I was stunned at this. Eventually I fell for everything that makes her... well her. :)

  • Not in any particular order of importance:

    She is stunningly beautiful, like REALLY beautiful, her eyes, her mouth, her long hair, her chest, hips, butt, everything is just perfect

    She is a violin player and is passionate about music(I have a fetish for musician girls!;P )

    She is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable

    She is soft-spoken and has the voice of an angel

    She is very comprehensive

    She believes in me even when I don't (And that got me in a fight when she said I could kick that guy's ass, he was like twice my height and 3 times my weight, I'm 6'1 ft btw)

    She is very loving and tender

    She walks like she's floating

    She is funny and thinks I'm funny

    She has the most amazing laugh on Earth

    She has the same view of life as I do

    She is ambitious and motivated

    She makes me a better person

    She is very generous, she volunteers at every caritative event in town

    She has very healthy habits(Doesn't smoke or drink, runs and plays tennis)

    She is very family oriented as myself

    She is always eager to learn

    She likes watching soccer like me!

    She tells me I'm the best and always compliments me on something

    She can cook(Oh yeah, she CAN!)

    We can speak exclusively in French

    She is a Goddess in bed

    She can play chess

    She can play video games

    She has this amazing victory dance whenever she beats me at a video game :)

    She makes me feel like she's the one lucky to have me

    I'm still to the point where I can't believe she's really my girlfriend

  • dating is more out of convenience, weighing the benefits and liabilities w/minimal risks...the other person offers something I want or can't get myself or she just makes me a better person than I know...she accepts me for who I am and there's nothing to hide...she's the last thing I see before going to bed and the first thing I wake up to in the morning (marriage sealer)

  • I think this is a Great question.

    As I recall, the first thing that attracted me to my wife (besides the fact that we both belonged to the same Church belief ... we were at an Eastern states Easter convention) was her lovely long, wavy hair and her general attractive figure. Her sweet, quieter nature, although she is actually, very outgoing, but she was shy on the guy scene, also attracted me.

    I had an injured leg at the time; so when we played cricket 1st day, although a number of girls offered to be my Runner, I chose her.

    [Now I am actually - very much - a well-developed, nicely-muscled 'leg man', when it comes to female attraction. I just love well-built legs]...

    So, the other 2 things that sort of sealed it for me over the next days were that I noticed she had Beautifully muscled legs [very much an eye-catcher for me] and I very much enjoyed the lovely committed testimony she gave on the last day of the Convention.

    I think those last 2 factors really sealed my interest in her.

  • She is



    >thinks I'm funny

    >understands what I'm trying to say, even when I have lost track

    >loves my "bunny trails"

    >patient when she derives to be upset

    >calm when others would panic

    >she is my foil in all the good ways

    >makes get off my ass and make my self something, but rarely has to because I now want to be something more, because she derives more

    >forces light on my strengths when I'm to hard on myself

    >since I met her I could see me dieing with her hand in mine.

    >all the packed into the 5'1, beautiful Latino package that is she

  • smart

    funny (goofy as me :P)

    caring (she nursed me when I had the flu)

    her staring at me when I wake up saying I look so cute sleeping like a baby

    her putting up with my sh*t :P (I can be an ass)



    family oriented

    VERY similar (personality and outlook on life)

    when she says I'm perfect and too good to be true

    the fact I think about her the majority of my day

    the fact I have dreams about her

    the fact that I feel so LUCKY to have her instead of feeling the girl is lucky to have me

    very nurturing and unselfish (in and out of bed ;))

    the fact she texts me all the time shows me I'm on her mind

    knows when to give me my space.. not clingy but at the same time shows me she's always missing me

    i see myself marrying and having kids with her ( that is usually the last thing on my mind)

    and finally the fact I can reciprocate those feelings without hesitation

  • It was a dare, she said she wauch woman for me. And she probably was. But she married me anyway. She likes to challenge people, it's just how she is.

  • she has a vagina

  • Good looking funny Tan Nice body nice face umm cute laugh and smile was nice flirty with me made me laugh cause the cute funny innocent things she said she wasn't a whore like most momen these days umm and was pure was in shape likes sports umm understood me

  • -wants kids

    -has or will have a good degree

    -is at least semi attractive in the 6-7 range will do

    -likes to cook

    -hasnt been broken in yet

    thats about it

    • So you haven't found her or you have? It sounds like a list of traits you are looking for... not have already found. Just wanted you to clarify that, that's all

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    • probably hymen- broken hymen, or at least has had sex. that'd be my guess :)

    • stretched- she's gotta be tight! He doesn't want a loosy goosy :)

  • An unexplainable bond forms between us. It never comes down to 1 or 2 individual things. It really is all about the spark you feel with that person as a whole.

  • She's into art, speaks three languages, and has a nice body from dancing. She's also really nice and her flaws (she's a little materialistic and can act like a ditz sometimes) can be charming.

  • I love the way she loves me! She honestly makes me feel like the best everything and always makes a fuss about me! It makes me love her more!

  • her angelical voice :)

  • il date a girl that interests my taste...something innate, that tells me, 'son, you gotta know more about that girl...' lol.. but yea something like that..

  • She asked me out :)

  • What we have in common, and are they a good hearted person.

  • chubby chaser!

  • Because they have a great personality & get me. They are a great person & I can really talk to them. I go for passionate people who are deep & thoughtful.

  • I got the best girl in the world. She cooks, cleans, does my laundry an bails me out of jail every weekend for beating up some hooker. And did I forget? SHe's great in bed...least she is, I'm terrible at it.

    • wow, she bails you out of jail... what were you beating up a hooker every weekend for ? that sounds crazy...

    • Ah, I get drunk every now and then. And the beating part is just me raging out my dad kicking my a$$ as a child. It's payback time!

    • ROTFL! There you go! This kind of love never dies!:)

  • love is illogical...u don't need a reason...

    'cos you 'fall' in love...thats what I think individuals opinions may vary,thou.

  • It was her third nipple that got me. Now my 3rd limb has something to play with. We have so much in common

  • from the moment I saw her I knew I was in love. her angelic face, her double breasts, and her amazingly phat ass. I couldn't resist, and now were in love.

    • You idiot that not love that's lust

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    • what f she got sick and lost her breasts?

    • her ass and beautiful face will be there to keep me company. by the time those go away ill be too old to care about sex and id be so attached to her at that point I wouldn't want to leave.

  • All I have to say is..

    As long as I'm attracted to her, if basic attraction isn't there there isn't a point to dating. Works both ways I believe, I mean if she thinks I"m ugly, and tries to date me for my personality, It will most likely become one of those sexless relationships. lol and I need my sex.

    Honestly that's about it, but she should know, I'm atheist, don't try to convert me back to religion.

    I don't like being poor, so in order to have more money, kids really aren't an option for me. I wanna accomplish childhood dreams, and dreams I currently have of cars and such.. I'm typically unattracted to chubby and larger girls/women.


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  • Thinking back to when I was "dating" and fell in love with my hubby:


    He liked to cut up and laugh could make me laugh

    He liked old folks

    He treated me with respect (Not hitting me with snowballs like my brothers.)

    I could talk to him about anything. (He was the first person I told about my past sexual abuse)

    He NEVER discussed our private life with anyone else

    He loves the outdoors and simple life

    He is generous and helpful to those who need it

    Gentle with me

    Protective of me

    Not afraid of hard work

    Didn't seem cocky, stuck on himself, overconfident or otherwise have a huge ego

    Wasn't hung up on his looks but took good care of himself. (Always smelled good, ate mints for fresh breath etc.)


    He was very strong...even beat my dad arm wrestling. LOL

    Blue eyes...(my weakness)

    Always warm (I tend to be cold all the time)

    Hairy (LOL I know this may be a turnoff for some but I like it.)

    *It may be hard to separate what FIRST attracted people from what they've come to love because it's just a part of who they are but I tried to keep it to things I noticed about him when we first met and as we got to know each other.

  • I chose to date my boyfriend because he had the qualities I was looking for AND he was super in to me. The way he pursued me, taking his time so as to not come across as pushy, but regularly checking in with me and asking if I wanted to get together some time for coffee, or lunch, etc. It was cool. I met him at his family's business so I just thought he was being friendly but I finally accepted to meet him for dinner after several months of talking and now, a month later, I am in love. He treats me very well, considerate and thoughtful, and that counts for a lot. He makes it obvious that I am special to him.

  • 1. He smelled really good

    2. He was nice to my mommy

    3. He listened to the same music and ate the same foods as me

    4. He had a job and college plans

    5. He took me on really fun dates

    6. He got along with my friends!

    • Nice... especially the part about having a job and college plans!

  • Because he understood me well and we just got along well. He keeps conversations flowing and isn't boring. I like confidence and he is and I'm physically attracted to him also.

  • i chose to date him because he was the only thing that could make me smile when nothing else could.. I had just gotten out of a really serious relationship I was very hurt and depressed.. and he was all the time making me laugh. he made me happy. so it was kind of a no-brainer lol he's hilarious and accepts me for who I am.. he's gorgeous and smart and honest... he's one of a kind and I'm glad I got the chance to see that and be with him :)

    • The only reason that could be is that you love him and your attracted to him...u can't live a day without seeing him etc..

    • Well yeah.. I'm crazy in love with that boy ha

  • I chose to date my guy because he's a total sweetheart and he treats me so good. He also makes me feel safe and secure when I'm with him. I know he'd never let anything happen to me. Had nothing to do with how he looked. All though yes he is attractive too :)

  • He was persistent...I said I wasn't looking for a relationship and he still stuck around and became my friend first.

    He treated me like I meant the whole world to him.

    We have a lot in common and think alike.

    I found myself doing things I do around people I'm interested in around/to him.

    I wanted the friends with benefits thing to end (all we did was cuddle and kiss, but I didn't want him to be able to walk away with another girl and have it mean nothing, you know?)

    He told me that some of my negative qualities didn't matter to him.

    And he happened to be VERY attractive...but it was the other things that made me fall for him.

    There's more reasons why we're still together, but this is what ran through my head the night hhe asked me out. I have no regrets; it's been the best six months of my life.

  • hes smart, funny, good looking, kind, thoughtful, fun, interesting, and likes all the same things I like.

  • im with my boyfriend because he is perfect. he is loyal, he makes me happy and feel special, he is honest, very smart, good looking, great personality, takes care of hbis body, doesn't smoke or do drugs, family oriented, very respectful

    • sounds pretty good! I liked the don't smoke or do drugs part a lot... because I'm with a guy who smokes and does pot and kind of turn off...

  • Well, there can many reasons such as physical attraction or maybe they are uglier then dirt, but You REALLY like their personality, or maybe they are more sexual then other gf/bfs you hav had and you like that about them and other times you may not know why on earth you date them/ like them sometimes it's just a attraction that you don't know why you hav it. Sometimes Your heart beats faster when they are closer. Sometimes it's just an emotional thing that you just really DON'T know why you are attracted to them.

  • That weren't any reason, but the fact that he is absolutely amazing. I really think we are perfect together. My husband and I have been together since 8th grade, and just recently got married. So these past 12 years I've found nothing that I dislike about him. He's just everything to me. We've just wanted the same things all of our lives and we are completely devoted to each other. =)

  • Pretty much had the same beliefs about life that I have and it has worked out pretty darn good!

  • I agree with nobleziba. I have to feel a strong connection... overpowering just physical attraction. And they have to like me and only me. But that is hard to find, and I guess that's why I've been single for a year.

    • Like as in they don't date anyone else or as in they don't look at other girls?

    • They don't think anyone is as beautiful as me. Sure everyone looks at other people, but he has to think no one measures up to me. I've only found this once... and it was the greatest feeling in the world when he called me the most beautiful girl on earth. ha ha :)

  • We met at work, he was the sweetest person there, always friendly to me, helped me, showed interest in me, and he simply took my breath away every time we looked at each other. I wanted to get to know him and get closer to him. I had to quit the job because of school, but we are still together, and our love continues to deepen with every second. :)

  • I fell in love with him from the moment I met him. I love everything about him. He is very caring and loving and tells me everyday how pretty I am and how much he loves me. We are both very attracted to each other and love to be together. He makes me laugh and cares about my thoughts and what I believe in. I hope we are never apart :)

  • i felt relaxed around them, it was natural, calm

    he was confident and not overly polite

    he didn't chase me

  • He is my best friend.

  • I didn't really chose to date my man it just kinda happened. The first time we hung out alone. He felt so diffrent then all the other guys, the way he held me he was so passionate and showed he wanted more then just to get in my pants that night :) He was so adorablely randomly cute lol and I couldn't stop smiling when I was with him. I fell for him right away :)

  • I date men who let me be myself. That's what important for me for the first few dates. Then I try to look deeper to find all I need in man.

  • I fell for his smile first.

    But besides that, he's sweet, he makes me laugh, and he keeps me happy.

    What else could you want?

  • he's hot, got a cute smile, sends me cute texts and he's got a nice ass.

  • he's special to me, and loves me just the way I am. We're together since 2/25/2003 :)

  • If he makes me feel sexy and treats me well ;)

  • I date guys because I think they're hot

  • -makes me laugh :]

    -extremely understanding

    -very romantic


    -likes to do outdoorsy things like me

    -loves art and traveling

    -animal lover just like me

    -very sweet

    -very attractive


    -very very outgoing

    -makes me feel safe


    -very respectful

    -knows how to cheer me up when I'm having a rough day

    -he isn't just my boyfriend..hes my best friend and I love him so much <3

  • *Very unique unlike most guys

    *Lets me follow my dreams

    *Isn't controlling

    *Love being near him

    *Makes me happy

    *Very smart

    *Helps me out with my problems

    *When I'm with him all my attention is on him

    *Very sweet

    *Tells me I'm beautiful all the time

    *Likes spending time with me as much as I do him

    *Tells me that he wants to spend his life with me and I want the same

    *Very helpful with my needs

    *Always looks for someway to come see me

    *Almost never fight

    The only problem is him and his looking issues other than that he is perfect(:

  • The guy I'm currently with is no brad pitt, he has a huge scar on his right cheek, but to me he his very attractive. I love him because of the character he is, he is never really jelous, he doesn't need sex everyday, he is independant, romantic, spends time at the local foster home, doesn't get pissed all the time and has the nicest smile in the world. BTW he got the scar from saving a kid from a fire, I like guys who care about others.

    • wow that's very heroic of him!

    • But being heroic is a character trait (it means you have courage and are brave), the reason I truly admire him is that he risked his life to save someone else :)

  • He made me orgasm so hard I fainted.

  • Makes me laugh all the time

    thinks I'm funny

    loves music

    sense of humor

    sarcastic at all the right times =P

    animal person

    beautiful skin

    amazing eyes--the absolute perfect shade of warm brown

    cute smile

    big warm hands

    respects me and my boundaries

  • honestly its not even really about looks, getting to know someone and how comfortable you get with them. my guy I started off as friends for a long time, but there was always something there. his voice makes me smile, his hugs, his kisses, you just know when you're with them. you can feel love, you can't explain it.

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