What do guys like in girls?

Misleading title, I don't know how to put it. Anyways, what do guys care and not care about? For example, do they like that some girls try to look good with makeup?


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  • I'm dividing this into different parts:


    I don't care much. If she takes care of her hygiene, that's preferable. It'd also be much better if she didn't wear much (or any) makeup/cosmetics, and if she did groom herself nicely. She should keep herself reasonably neat (and yet not obsess over it either.) Just something reasonable.

    Also, it would be better if she did not wear clothes with holes in them or those that revealed parts of the body that don't need to be (not that someone should obsess about not showing skin, but there's no need to show the belly button or the upper legs or the lower chest in public.)

    A personal preference is that I think it's so much prettier for people to keep their natural hair color.

    Beyond that, looks aren't that important.


    Don't be so obese that you can't fit through the door of your house. I don't care beyond that. Try to keep yourself neat and clean.


    This is 99% of what matters. –any day.

    I understand that some contents of this list are a bit much to ask of anyone other than my own self. –but this is the perfect girl that is asked, so here are things I'd want her to be and our relationship to be:

    1. Friendliness

    I mean this in two senses.

    First, it would mean the world if she were my close friend before we were dating, so we would have a very concrete bond beforehand. A strong friendship that doesn't require anything more leads (if one chooses) to the best strong, self-sufficient romantic relationship.

    Second, it would be fantastic if she were an overall nice and friendly person to people. You know, swearing at a minimum, always treating people with decency and kindness, and just all the things that one thinks of when they think of friendliness. It doesn't have to be over the top, but just there.

    I'll continue in the comments.

    • 2. Wisdom

      I also mean this in two senses.

      First, I think it would be fantastic if at school she was a student that worked hard and was pretty smart. From experience, intelligence creates deeper personalities, higher standards of humor and else, and if they don't overload themselves, a happier and cooler human being.

      Second, I think it would be fantastic if she was cautious. –if she thought before she did things and didn't act recklessly. In other words, self-control is great. It also shows the guy, if she is interested in a relationship with a guy, that she has thought before the decision to be with him and hence is more meaningful. (That one minute possible reason for this being a good thing; there are plenty more.)

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    • 6. Liking Me

      It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways, it would be cool if they liked me too. (The sense of this depends on whether or not she is my girlfriend, but the word's different meanings apply to the cases properly.)

    • That's it, really.

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  • Your question is super wide you need to narrow it… on the make up is pretty easy, if the girl is cute already she doesn't need to use make up but in special situations, if she is not cute she doesn't need to use tons of make up, just a natural make up that corrects some imperfections

  • I like my girls natural, comfortable in their own skin, the ones that are passionate for something, outgoing, that like to travel and have a curious mind. I think it's sexy when a girl is curious about something. The ones that I can have a deep and meaningful conversation with. I have to admit, I would prefer if they have a decent face and are skinny, but not a deal-breaker if they can make it up with their personality.

  • We care about the big things. The things that simplify our life and make it easier. Doesn't matter if it's hard at first. We don't care mostly of the small things because by itself, it's insignificant. And for your third question, no girls that look good in make up are quite caked. So mainly, just mild make up, that's good enough. Just to cover up those panda eyes. But that's it.

  • Yeah, and then they say "but not for men"


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