Any tips for a guy currently pursuing a girl who has rejected lots of men and has never been in a relationship?

I am currently pursuing a girl who has rejected all her suitors and has never been in a relationship. She welcomes suitors, but nobody succeeded. We have gone on 5 dates. She talked a bit about her previous suitors how kind and sincere they were, but she said the problem has been with her because she does not fall in love easily. She had suitors pursuing her for 1 to 2 years, but still no. I am 32 and she is 30. Based on our conversation, she does not like a guy who is younger than her and skinny. She also does not like a predictable suitor. She said most times she can predict what a suitor would text or say next.

I am older than her and not skinny. I have those out of the way. Based on her story, I feel like I just have a very very small chance, but I am willing to try my best. Any tips? What questions should I ask her to gauge her interest on me?


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  • Don't you think that going this route will lead to saying predictable things? I feel like you should be as genuine as possible and that will actually give you the best chance, not tips from people on here (ha ironic I know)


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