What to wear on a first date?

do you guys like it when a girl gets to dressy on the first date

or do you guys like casual

or just simple

what do you guys like that you say man I want to see her again

or it doesn't matter ?

WOW Thank you all for your great advice really appreciate it =D


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  • Okay, here's the key points:

    if your hair's short,use cirlers, if its long, maybe crimp a little of it

    normally medium blue denim jeans, with a dark coloured shirt

    and if you want to be more specific, go for pink under wear and bra (make sure they match) because pink says "first date" but black or red is more of a sexy colour, so best to avoid it unless you waant it to be a sex-driven first date (not reccomended) and if they don't match it may show you to be disorganised. I'm not saying he's going to get your clothes off on the first date, but just incase he gets a sneaky-peak, you wanna be careful

    also, the typical dolly-shoes are good, not practical, but say "sweet and wanna make a good impression" and if you wear boots they're more of the "sexy" style

    now lets talk make-up:

    not too much eye shadow, or eye liner

    just basic mascara should be enough, because too much may give to wrong message

    now finally jewlery: strongly reccomend NOT going for big hoop earrings, studs are the obvious winners for a first date

    and try not to go overboard on rings or bracelets, one braclet, bangle or a watch on only one arm is enough, and too many rings could symbolise thay you've been around a lot (think wedding rings) so one ring is enough, choose a good one, not some little lump of plastic, one that tells a story


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  • I once dated a woman who showed up for our first date dressed simply in a red hat. I married her of course.

  • I like to see girls be dressy on a first date, but not something to dressy. A girl should be comfortable in what she wears. Try making it a casual dressy type look. And plus if it's your first date be yourself. A guy like myself loves it when a girl could be her natural self it's because that way us guys can show our true self also.

  • Just be yourself truely.That's the key piont.

  • Wear something comfortable, but not extreme. And just because it's comfed doesn't mean you can't add a little of your own "flavor"(?) I can't really explain, but a sort of messy look is great or something in your hair, just don't do too much of any one thing (make up, jewelry, etc.)


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  • usually, or all the time, you want to make a good impression.

    so, if you're going out in the evening, then I say dress up a bit more than you would to hang out on a weekend.

    in the evening,

    id say go for either,

    dark jeans & a top that fits you WELL. id go with either a lose sweater, or a lose tank. Make sure that the jeans are tight, & actually stay up. Wear your hair down, it usually looks more laidback, and fun. I'd wear ankle booties with a small heel, or boots that also have a small heel. Just, make sure it matches your jacket. Leather or canvas are great, but colourful trench coats are so darn cute. White top, dark jeans, beige heels & a beige trench coat.. so cute.

    You can also go for the mini dress with spunky tights & booties, & aagaaain, a matching jacket :]

    what ever you think you can take off quickly.. or.. just, have a ball in.

    for the day,

    leggings that show your bum (make sure you wear a thong!) with a peeky tunic is always cute, try & go for the boho thing if that's your style. Mocassins &/or keds are always cute with that, and if you really wanna try, go for the beanie hat. Make sure that your bangs peek out from your hat.. don't look bald.

    If you're not the boho, you can always go for the jeans & a tee, with converse, or booties as well. Just make sure you don't look : sloppy, whorish, or horrible.

    make sure that you're not fiddling with your hair, your necklace, whatever. Smile alot, and just, be nice, even if its not your thing.

    remember his name, too! that's a disaster.

    call your friends before you leave & ask how you look, call on someone who's judgement you trust.


  • it all depends on where you're going, but it should be cute and sexy

  • keep it simple, casual and cute. nothing too fancy or it'll look like you're trying too hard, but also make it look like you made an effort

  • For this weather-

    You can never go wrong with a nice top, sweater or cardigan with it and some skinny jeans paired with some heels or boots.

    And you could also try a dress with a sweater, some tights and some boots.

    Good luck.