How do I become a fuckboy?

No matter what anyone says, fuckboys do get the attention of girls, I just want to get into the dating world, I'm tired of being a loser.


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  • * Lower your standards. I mean dirt low. No seriously, you need to be able to get it up for a girl who looks like Shrek.

    * Then make dumb shrek women think you are their bitchy millenial boyfriend.

    * Go to the gym and take poor quality selfies of your maybe attractive body

    * Complain about everything as if you are a classy man with real standards

    * Use terms such as " Ya boi," and " Nah bruh" every other word.

    * Bitch out on your hoes for no reason, but make up a reason like why she wore the color you hate, and therefore doesn't care about you, so you can use that as a reason to fuck girl #4.

    * Fuck every shrek girl on Tinder then brag about it.

    * Only date insecure women with no common sense.

    Thats it.

    A fuckboy is like the uglier, less suave version of a player.


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  • 1. Always be well dressed

    2. Always use emojis when you're texting
    ex. You look good in them leggins bby 😏😏🍆💦🍑
    They call me mr. buttersworth because i spread that pussy open like butter 👉👌
    3. Send her unsolicited dick pics

    4. Always turn the conversation sexual
    ex. Her: How was your day?
    You: What you wearing rn? ;)

    5. Persistently ask her for nudes. Boobs, vagina everything.

    6. Grab her ass without permission so she knows whats up. Only friends dont grab her ass. You dont want to get friendzoned.

    These are the 6 commandments of fuckboism

    I have blessed you with my wisdom now go out and practice what i have taught you.


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  • Act stupid and like you don’t care, lose every inch of respect towards everyone. Get ripped and just fuck your personality up.

    Don’t recommend it by the way

    • Would you recommend a guy being alone in his 20's like a fucking loser. I never had a girlfriend in my life, it has to change ge

    • I feel you, i’m like that at 17. My only tip from my tiny experience is be yourself and be true to yourself. Don’t act confident if you’re not, get confident instead

  • Tons of people your age and older have never dated, they don't consider death because of it. You know how you'll meet someone who likes you for who you are? Go about your life and hobbies/passions and chase your dreams, someone will notice you along the way. Meeting a girl is not the end goal

    • Even highschool kids have relationships like it's nothing, criminals and domestic abusers have lovers and I can't, doesn't that make me a shit person?

    • No, the vast majority of those are unhealthy relationships. I was extremely depressed too when I thought I'd be alone forever while everyone around me was dating, I thought no girl could ever like me. I'm glad I was a late bloomer though, I feel like I learned more about what's important and was more mature going into my first relationship. You will see that everyone's path is different and nothing was wrong with yours

  • Exercising. It sounds simple, but it's hard, especially one with no more money. Because we have to make sure we dont skip meals, which is the most difficult part.

    Girls like bicep and chest the most. Practice not to smile unnecessarily.

    2 things. Let's start these steps firstly. More objectives will just make you astray, but let's how others suggest.

  • They only get the attention of immature and fake girls like them.
    Even if you feel lonely, never lose yourself and your authenticity, the latter is priceless and it's what makes me fall for a guy whoever he is, personally.

    • How do you fall for guys you never see because they are alone?

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    • So stay at the eldead end? How do I cope with the loneliness?

    • I'm trying to figure that out myself, but I know it's more painful and empty when I pretend to be somebody else.

  • It's counter intuitive, because there's too much misguidance out there:

    - When you have an worry, confront it with your partner immediately. So the relationship is based on trust.

    - Show clear sexual interest, but without pursuing. So they clear know you are interested in them, but they have the space to make a choice.

    - When people reject you don't take it personal. Most of the time it's because they have someone else in their lives, or because they have fear of rejection themselves.

  • Become Unreliable.. and know how to sweet talk and then wave goodbye and turn out to be the biggest ass in the world to that girl... Just dont become one

    • Yea the other girl said I have to be able to attract girls in the first place which is can't, so there no point in even living

    • I guess death is better than being a fuckboy, it saves the world grrif from looking at him and saves me from feeling like shit because no one wants be which means I'm a horrible person

  • You can't, since they don't exist. The term "fuckboy" is erroneous and stupid and no one should use it.

    • Fuckboy is just a newer term for player, and they certainly exist

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    • No lol what are YOU talking about, you're still just bringing up consent and the word "use" and completely avoiding what I've said. Talking to you is obviously pointless because you have no idea how to properly debate. Again, try to get this through your thick skull: The issue is about deceit, pretending/lying about one's emotions to get what they want from the other person. We have labeled people who deceive others for sexual purposes as players and fuckboys. It's that simple. Are you really going to try to deny that people don't deceive others for sexual purposes? Because if you agree that there are, then you agree there are people who society labels as players or fuckboys, whether you like the label or not. That is the only thing we're talking about here, not girls saying they were used because things didn't go as expected.

    • @oftheHowl You're an idiot.

      People change their minds. Someone may eventually decide that they simply don't want a relationship. And the other party, if they accuse the former of "using" them, is simply doing so because they're upset and trying to save face, not because it's true. I didn't ignore what you said at all, kiddo. You specifically started muttering about lies, which is not the point of the piece. Either you can't read, or you aren't interested in actually addressing the post because you don't know how to undercut it in any substantive way. Go away. You're stupid.

  • The attention they get isn't a good one.

    • They get dates and sex from girls hopeful that they will show them compassion in return, that sounds like good attention to me

  • How many women have you ever asked out?

    • Over 1000

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    • So how do I get to know someone , like them, and not be friends with them? How long does it take to get from getting to know them to them becoming the most important person in my life with a committed relationship while skipping friendship?

      How do I instantly fall in love with strangers instead if liking people that I get along with?

    • You just date people. Don't hide the fact that you ultimately are looking for a relationship and don't feel like you have to keep them around as friends if it doesn't work out.

      You're going to find 99 girls you're not interested in, but that 100th might just blow you away. Either way, the objective is just to have some fun along the way. A relationship is not the end-all-be-all of your life. It's just something to add to it. You have to treat it as such.

  • @2opaz knows how

  • Being a fuckboy isn’t going to change that for you

    • Have girls is part of the identity of being a fuckboy. It will change my lack of experience. Millions of girls have fallen for fuckboys, 0 have fallen for me. That makes me a worse person, I want to become better like them

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    • There are very, very few things less attractive then a self deprecating and pathetic man. It takes 0.2 seconds to spot and can rarely/if ever be turned around once a woman has that first impression of you. No woman wants to fix you, they don’t want to be your crutch to stop you from being miserable or hurting yourself so fix yourself

    • I don't ask them for them for that, when I go out I don't talk about this , I joke around, hold coversations and what not. I do go to gym so I guess I'm not big enough. What is the ideal size to start dating?

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