Can I pull off the bald look, do I need to change something?

People say some guys can pull off the bald look and be attractive. But the thing is going bald is something you have zero control over, you're stuck with it, and if you cannot pull it off you're basically screwed. Women aren't forgiving on these things.

But anyways for my question. I doubt I can pull it off since I have a tiny head, big ears that stick out, weak jawline and somewhat round face. These are features that I believe instantly rule you out as someone that can pull off being bald regardless of how physically fit you are. For girls, it's really all about the face. So I'm basically stuck being an ugly guy now.

Do you agree that a guy need to have certain facial features to pull off being bald? Is there something a guy can do to be a handsome, bald dude or is it a lost cause?


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