Should I tell my ex/roommate that I want to be a couple again?

We moved in 3 weeks ago, he broke up with me 6 months ago. I've been managing to control my emotions so he knows I respect his decision to break up. I've grown a lot and have become a much healthy, happy, independent person. He said at the time he broke up with me because he wasn't a good boyfriend and anyone else could make me happier. I think it was because I was extremely depressed and anxious, he probably felt responsible. I'm doing amazing lately and there's no going back for me. We've been hooking up since we split, and never stopped being considerate and kind to each other. So you can understand where I'm at, here's an example, one of our interactions. I knock on his door at night, "Can I come watch you play?"
I lay down on his bed and close my eyes.
He asks "Are you falling asleep in my bed?" (He doesn't want me to)
I say "No sorry just resting but I'll go to bed."
He scoots over on his coach for me to sit next to him but I continue to my room. "Thanks I just want to lay right now."
He followed me into my room to tell me he was sorry and that he just likes to be alone. ( I guess he thought I would fall asleep in his bed and not get up). Since I already know this, I told him it was okay. And the next day I spoke to him and said "you don't need to feel bad when you want to be alone I know you well enough so I understand. I'd feel guilty myself if you feel guilty for nothing"
I love this guy, and I haven't been telling him that, just trying to show that I can be a good woman and that I really have changed. Can I have advice on how to become a couple again? Whether it's what to do or how to say it? I haven't given up after 6 months and I still think we will get back together, but I also think I'm too emotionally attached to this to sometimes know what's right and what's too much. 😊 thank you!


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  • Set up a romantic dinner or take him to a romantic dinner
    I would personally suggest set up...(make dinner at home, light, candle's)
    Show him your changed-romantic side...
    And tell him how you really feel express your feelings towards him tell him that how much you want this relationship to happen...
    I know 6 months is long time but you have to tell him now or never and hope for the best... All the best 🤗😘

    • Do u have any tips on making sure he doesn't feel pressured or cornered? I used to be so loving to him and I still am but Never flat out romantically? He's not romantic at all and he might miss being a part of that. I used to never hold back my love for him so now that I do stop myself he could think the love is gone

  • All u can do is ask him and hope for the best and that he still likes u romanticly

    • As most of you hope relies on him deep down beliving your unhappiness is why it didn't work and it possible that's not what he is thinking

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    • Thanks for keeping it real with me. I'll let him know and then move on with myself

    • Good luck I truly hope he still likes you

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