How much older would you date?

I'm 35, my ex is 10 years younger than me. I met her when she was 19 and we were together for 6 years. She learnt that with age comes experience... I had done it all before and didn't care for all the game-playing I remembered from my 20s. Whist her friends all complained about their sexually incompetent boyfriends, she was experimenting and enjoying a very fulfilling and active sex life with a dominate and capable loving partner.

I provided her with: warmth, strength, security, measured humor, discipline as needed, undivided attention, nurturing, caregiving, stability, support, and unconditional love. She privided me with: laughter, joy, silliness, fun, playfulness, warmth, affection beyond belief, beauty, awe, excitement, mental and physical challenges, and unconditional love.

I'd be interested to know how much older you do/would go and what your experience of it was...
  • No older, I prefer to date younger
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  • Within 3 years older
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  • Within 6 years older
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  • Within 10 years older
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  • Within 15 years older
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  • Within 20 years older
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  • Over 20 years older
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  • This option isn't there, but within 1-2 years older for now.

    • Not sure why someone downvoted this but I'm still barely 18 and have had terrible experiences with older guys. Hence why I'd never date anyone above 20.

  • I ha e dated men 9 years older and one who was 16 years older but i ended up marrying a guy who is 2 years younger

  • im 21, would love a lady that is 30, but older ladies never look for younger male

    • Keep looking mate, I have a 36 year old female friend who loves guys under 23. They do exist...

    • wow thats good to hear, i hope i find one soon

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