I got her number then she deleted her profile, should I be concerned?

I was talking to this girl last night and we exchanged a few messages on pof. I was a bit suspicious she might not be real but her answers in her messages were specific enough to what I was asking that it eased my suspiciousness. We eventually exchanged numbers and later the next day her profile is gone, as if it never existed along with our messages. We already texted a few times (small talk) by then, but still seems strange to me. I texted her asking if everything's ok and I noticed her profile is gone, no response yet. I also asked if she's free for a call or facetime later, maybe she got scared from that I don't know.


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  • Ask her to take a selfie holding up 3 fingers and send it to you, if for any reason she can't then she is not real.

  • She catfished you bro. Call the cocks.

    • maybe, we'll see if she responds to asking for a call. Usually I can weed out the fakes by asking for a call.

    • Dude it was somebody fishing for your info.

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