Girl with boy friends?

I am sitting with this girl for quite a time now and she has a lot of friends a lot of them are boys and she is really close with them she knows that i have problems with that and i know i can't ask her to change that for information i have bad history with girls with a lot of boy friends and i dont know what to do i really like her but the fact thats she is so close with them i dont know what should i do


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  • Talk to her about it. Its up to her if she wants to change her friends. Probably not. Maybe try to get her friends? This is someone new so things might be different. I have a lot of guy friends and my boyfriend was a little bothered at first. But he got used to them

    • I dont want her to change her friends just less fysical contact i dont mind her having a lot of guy friends

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    • Just a lot of hugging nothing weird but just more than usual

    • Oh, well that's okay. Just talk to her im sure she'll understand

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