What do I do about a boyfriend who gets easily annoyed?

So we've been dating for almost 2 years now and had a pretty rough relationship. I was always clingy and his friends hate me. So anyway, recently I've decided to stop being clingy and all but he keeps being mean to me, and when I say mean, I mean annoyed with the slightest things and I have to think a few times before I say anything to him. I love him and lot, like A LOT, but it's making me really unhappy. He never gets me flowers and when I show signs of unhappiness he says he's just not a family oriented guy or the romantic type. It's bothering me a lot because I'm deeply in love with him but I don't like how I have to watch myself when interacting with him. He's egoistic, stubborn and not to mention how FUCKING mean he is to me. What do I do?


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  • You have two choices.
    Leave him, or warn him you're going to.

    One day, sit down with him and tell him if he doesn't have a straight conversation with you then you're leaving him. If he doesn't oblige or even try then he doesn't care. Leave him.
    If he does try, then explain how you feel and what you've experienced. He will likely get angry but as long as he doesn't let it out on you it's fine.
    Give it a few weeks and if you see improvement then stay with him (so long as those improvements remain).

    Otherwise, why stay with him?


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  • There must be a problem with your boyfriend if he finds fault in everything you do. Unless it just feels that way to you. Seriously, sit down, alone, where it's quiet and think about it. If this is truly the case then my feeling is that your boyfriend's problem is himself. He has a very poor self image of himself, and by getting mad at you, he makes himself feel better. There are a few solutions:
    1. Continue as is and that hope that it will improve (which it won't).
    2. See if you can talk it out and go to counseling if he's open to it.
    3. If you can’t work it out and he continues his behavior, I would break off the relationship. No one has the right to be treated like this. Find a healthy person to have a relationship with and move forward.

    • You know, I think you're right. He openly says I should just deal with him or leave him because his fatass ego won't let him change.

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  • What do you love about him exactly? He's handsome and has a big dick?

    • um no. We have been friends for almost 6 years now and we share the same birthday and we moved to a new city for college together nad I just thought it was all meant to be you know? But he's so rude to me about everything. Safe to say, im scared of opening up to him

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    • I believe there are, but boy, does he have me scarred

    • Why? Are you afraid he's going to hurt you?

  • Leave him, you can cling to me, not only will I welcome it I'll cling back. He's a dick you deserve someone that will appreciate you.

  • He doesn’t care about you, does he even respect you?

    • He treats me like crap honestly. I go out get him gifts, make stuff for him and he didn't even get me a card on my birthday. On top of that, he dumped me on my birthday for talking shit about his friends.

    • Lmao he doesn’t give a fck about you. Your just his cum dump.

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  • So what do you like about him? Why have you stayed for two years if it’s such a terrible relationship?

    • Attachments i guess, and an image of him that i made in my head to feel better about everything

    • So, nothing real then.

      Why are you holding on?

  • Walk away and don’t look back


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