How does one know if they're too ugly to be loved?

I've never been in a relationship. Been on a lot of dates, but 100% of these flings end with, "You're too good for me," "I feel inadequate," "You deserve someone better than me," etc. Now obviously none of that is true, they just won't give me any constructive criticism (and I have asked) because they know it can't be changed. I'm suspicious that I'm too ugly to date, and if so I would like to give up and move on with my life.

What are the signs I'm too ugly to date? People make fun of me for my height and talk shit to me pretty frequently for it. I'm really fit and can bench over twice my body weight, but no one has ever mentioned my muscles. Whether they're worth mentioning or not, I don't know, I have body dysmorphia. What would people say/do if I was too ugly to ever be in a relationship?

Please don't tell me there is someone for everyone and all it takes is confidence. Neither of those things are true. Confidence might be the most important thing, but it's a far cry from the ONLY thing that matters.


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  • This is going to sound like a line. But trust me it isn't. Post a picture of yourself.
    My honest opinion is that personality counts for a lot more than looks. So I really can't say what is standing in your way of getting into a relationship. It might be the type of guy you're going out with? Or maybe something else.
    Regardless of what it is. I am certain that there is nothing "WRONG" with you.

    All that being said post a picture. You're asking if you're not good looking enough so you ought to let everyone see and give you an honest opinion.


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  • If you have the confidence to date people you'll be alright. I say you haven't had any luck and the moment you start finding happiness for yourself something can always cross your path. And if not we'll enjoy the nice cars and other stuff you can buy by saving all that money.

  • You're not too ugly to love, or too ugly to date.. LOL.. You are good..

  • There's no such thing as too ugly to date.
    There is such a thing for people who want the "perfect man", and unfortunately that will crush the number of girls you have a chance with, however it doesn't mean that nobody will ever like you.
    Fucking Google the world's ugliest woman and look at THAT. She's married! Too ugly isn't a thing.

    Maybe try and get friendly with people and take it from there. Once you get to know someone your perception of their attractiveness will go up.
    Same goes for others with you.


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