At how many days or weeks should a guy ask a girl to be his girlfriend?

we already somewhat hold hands and we kissed today for the first time and we have hung out a few times already we both like each other


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  • At least 2 week the max is a month

    • Since some guys have different ways of asking a chick out how do i know if he made me his girl already

    • I don't know lol

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  • Girl my boyfriend asked me out somewhat after 3 days lol, then after 2 weeks we were already putting names on our relationship

    • okay and how do I know if you're ready made me his girl cuz some guys have strange ways of making a chick his girl

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    • Well he was pretty straight forward. He kissed me on the third day, and was really really open and honest about his intentions with me as well as I was with him throughout the 2 weeks.
      I think honesty is key, and if you have a gut feeling that he's not tricking you, then yeah, that's the way

    • Like, he was pretty open about the people he was having interest on and what not but said it right up that he wanted us to be exclusive in the 2 week period.

      The key to everything tbh is to be direct, honest and open. Don't dance around a subject bc it's just gonna piss both of u off

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  • He shouldn't ask. She should be asking him

    • Why would I ask him isn't the guy supposed to ask her

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    • Cuz i dont want him to think im moving too fast thays why im asking

    • So you don't want him to know you're paranoid...
      Id keep that quiet too. Don't expect him to chase you though. Things are most likely ok the way they are.

  • After 3 days

    • Since some guys have different ways of asking a chick out how do i know im his girl?

    • I don't know lol

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