Boyfriend behaviour?

so these few days I've been sensing there's something wrong when my boyfriend of 4 months started being slightly distant and quiet for the past 2/3 days:
- we havent't kissed properly ie on the lips but he's kissed my cheeks and forehead
- I've asked him if he's okay a few times but everytime he replied with yes he's fine so i've stopped asking since

Am i the problem? Is he having doubts?

I dont know I could just feel that there's something but don't know what, im planning to give him some alone time I don't know


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What Guys Said 1

  • 2/3 days doesn't sound like much to worry about. His quietness could mean a variety of different things. Just continue being an awesome girlfriend


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he doesn't want you to be stressed about. I also think at by reading your concern is that he really do have a problem, maybe just give him some time but if I were you, I would say that you are not okay, tell me what's bothering you since I care you.


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