How do girls want guys to really act?

I've been told girls want sweet guys. I've been told they want guys who are dicks to them. Tell me how they really want us guys to treat them.


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  • Each girl wants so everything different than the other girls but tbh most girls including me likes attention i mean a guy who cares about me and all that for me i also like a fun guy and someone i can be my self around him without being judged for that and the guy i like now isn’t even a good looking one and his a total a$$ but i still like him and god knows why maybe because his being all hard to get and stuff lol

    • I understand that. I'm trying to figure out a new route to get a girl since everything I've tried doesn't work. At all. Not one and I'm actually a sweet guy. Not being concieted. I just am.

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    • I'm thinking being a dick is the right way then. XD

    • Exactly lol

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