What was your worst date?

Alright y'all I need some laughs give me your worst dates you have ever had.


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  • My first date with this guy. To start off the date, my brother answered the door and my date saw hickeys on his neck... Witch is bad because my brother and I are opposites and where as he’s had sex, I’ve been kissed twice in my life. My date parked in an alley and it was a secluded area... All the lights were off in his car so we were in darkness. Ummm... So I ended up talking about biology, specifically genotypes and phenotypes because I was afraid he was gonna try and use me for sex... I made sure to mention that my parents could track my phone, so they know where I am. I was nervous the whole time... A one point I was talking about evolution and the next he kissed me. But I ended up nervously laughing. It was awful. Poor guy.

    • Yeah I would have been like date canceled haha

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    • Yeah I feel you would have creeped me out

    • Haha ya... I would have. But it’s okay, I’ll get better at the dating world. He did ask me out on another date after that... That date didn’t go well either.

What Guys Said 1

  • My worst date would make you cry.

    • Let's hear it bud anything and everything

    • I was dating a young lady - a doctor, no less - and we went to Aspen for a week of skiing. When we came back, we went to San Francisco to spend a romantic St. Valentine's Day weekend. As soon as we got home, she said that she couldn't see me anymore. The reason? She was getting married in six weeks.

    • Damnnnnnnnnmm

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