Best relationship oriented not hook up dating sites?

Ok so maybe I'm setting my self up here as most every dating site I've tried out is more about hook up culture then dating or relationships anymore.

I was wondering if there are any good ones which basically are centered in some way around the profile and not just a swipe left right looks stuff?


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  • Real life? Jk, I don’t know as I haven’t looked but seriously the largest ones are the best ones because of the sheer number of options (“its statistics baby” :P)

    • I tried the largest ones first and didn't find any difference : /
      I agree with statistics, and that's what is depressing lol

    • Well I have no real advice as I’m too young to have used those services, sorry. Hope you have better luck in the coming days and hope you have a great life!

  • When you find one, let me know. I'm as lost as you.

  • It's not the app... It's the mindset of people...

    As long as there are a percentage of women in an app that state they are interested in hook up... Guys will read all profiles as if other women are also into the same...


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