Has online dating gotten boring to anyone else?

I’m used to meeting guys in person and building on attraction into dating and a relationship. I’ve since found going on dating sites and apps to be exciting only for a day or two.

I’ll sign up and it’s nice getting 50 messages from guys in the first few hours but I’ll scroll through and none of them seem appealing. I soon feel obligated to continue chatting with these guys that I’m not even sure I’ll like. I lose interest quickly and delete my profile. Meanwhile I hate that I left these guys hanging.

It’s so much better to meet an attractive guy in person and flirt until there’s a mutual connection and something happens. I love the build up and anticipation. I don’t get that when I do online dating.

Does anyone else feel this?


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  • No, girl makes it 100000xs difficult and guys dont want a relationship.
    Girls are more picky online and have more control and guys dont give a fuck.
    The online dating is boring cause too much freedom from both parties.

  • I feel that dating apps are waste of money and time. I haven't got a single match on any app yet.


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