Girls, did u ever have a realtionship with (or approached by) a guy that u think is out of your league?

Guys, did u ever have a girlfriend and u know she thinks you are out of her league? And what do u think?


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  • Yes. It was annoying and very unattractive. She was constantly insecure about not being enough to keep me, and she ultimately brought about her own fear of losing me.

    • So do u think, even if we think u are out of my league, what do u think or the best attitude or action we should do?

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    • Im following u.

    • Ok, thanks for the add :)

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  • I did date a guy that I supposedly felt was out of my league. Then I realized meh it wasn't that great and nor was he so he was no longer out of my league. He was tall, handsome, had his life together, nothing holding him back from achievement, came from a family that did well (above mid class for sure) and... I realized he was a bit more fucked up than he showed. Broken. It was too bad because I am way too over fixing broken at my age, so as great as everything else was, his personality was the seal breaker.


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  • My current boyfriend is out of my league

    • Ok, would u tell me why u think so.. Id like to listen to ur experience.

    • He’s the type of person who can get any girl. I imagined him being with someone prettier

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