I am short for a guy , electric enginner and I think I have a good personality, do you think my height will stop me to marry a women?

just need women to tell me their opinion and Thank you !


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  • Every girl has a preference, but sadly a lot of girls do care about height. On the first date especially, the girl would probably pay attention to that, but if the girl likes your personality and starts to like you as well, it shouldn't matter that much. I know a few guys that are shorter than their wives and they're living happily right now. Just look at Kevin Hart as well. Short but married to a tall woman


Most Helpful Guy

  • In general, where do short guys come from?
    Think about the answer to that.

    • Yes I know but I noticed women are too picky about guy's height so this made me insecure about my 167 cm height.

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  • It doesn't matter as long as your personality meet their preference

    • Don't be philosophical.
      How tall are you tall?

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    • As long as he knows how to take care of me.. because I like a guy who's caring

    • I mean 'their' is represent womans which I also include 😂

What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately YES.
    It would hamper getting women.
    Get used to being single.
    Women are taller than you.
    What's your height?

    • 167 cm

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    • Nope

    • Then WTH are you worried

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