Am I dumb for only dating one girl at a time?

So, my friends say I should date multiple girls if I can, so I can have options... but I'm more comfortable with dating one girl, giving her all the attention and effort, and if it doesn't work out I move on... but, should I date multiple girls at a time?


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  • Nooooooo your friends are shit tbh your good keep dating one girl at a time dont be dumb and dont be friends with the people who told you that coz thats just crazy nobody likes boys who date multiple girls😊👍 -Dani💞

    • I have started to distance myself... I have become the black sheep of the group lol

    • Good you seem nice i bet you will find better friends fast -Dani💞

    • I hope so, and thank you

  • LOL you mean cheating? Nah, that’s not cool. Stick to one girl and be a decent person.

    • Yeah... they call it " having options"... apparently I'm an idiot for putting all of my eggs in one basket

    • That’s disgusting. They’re the ones being idiots who have to date several people to satisfy their fragile ego 🤪

    • I have been distancing myself from them a bit... I have always been the black sheep among them... many of the things I do are idiotic to them lol

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  • No you’re doing it right! Your friends are idiots 😩

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way

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