My girlfriend has separation anxiety, but lives 5,000 miles away? How can I help her be more secure in the relationship?

I live in America, and my girlfriend lives in a small town in Brazil, and has really bad anxiety with the relationship, being separated and everything... I REALLY feel strongly about this girl and want to do everything that I can to help her be more secure and happy with our relationship until we can figure out how to move her to the USA... I love my girl, and seeing her scared, and anxious about us being together breaks my heart... I am willing to do anything for her but I don't quite know how at this point... Does anybody have any advice on how I can help her feel safer with me?


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  • Aw. I think taking the time to call her or video-chat would be comforting to her or try to send her parcels (maybe your sweater) every now and then so she has physical “evidence” of the relationship. Make plans with her for your future so she has things to look forward to. I wish you both the best, I was in a similar situation before.

  • Talk to her always. Send her proof that you're really doing this and that


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