Why did this guy flirt with me then say he's going on a date with 4 girls???

I met this guy who's a cage fighter and we got along then he starts flirting then out of the blue he told me he was going on a date with four girls I didn't funk he would have girls.chasing him now I.feel like an.idiot p.s we go college.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Guys got game. Simple as that. Why he told you that hmmm maybe to get the reaction your showing now. Curiosity.

    • Yeah everybody wants him as soon as he told me I instantly wanted him but I didn't before what the hell LOL I'm weird

What Girls Said 1

  • because he's a jerk. the kind of guy that doesn't need you chasing him...why did you have to say you went to college?

    • Because normally high school kids right this... Well I guess he's a player but I just don't like the mind game...:/

    • get used to it. they play them frequently sadly.

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