Guys, Why do all girls want a bad boy?

It’s like some girls at my school are 18 and some say I’m to young that’s why they don’t talk I don’t understand they all want older guys and they are always some street guy or a guy in a gang regardless how old they are it’s always the same type of guys some girls want a guy from the hood and they grew up in the same town I mean I’m into some of the same things but I never try to act like I am cause I’m not I don’t think it’s cool some guys that are in a gang are actually really broke that I know they run the streets to get money not to impress girls but who am I to tell you who to date and who not to.
Guys only question because I don’t have time for the ignorant shit I might hear and because you can’t get the answer to a problem from the problem it self


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  • Nice guys finish last.
    That's why I treat you like trash.

  • why guys want slim girl?


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