Beards yes? No? Opinions please?

Need opinions on Facial hair.

So I recently started dating a new woman. I really like her even though we haven't had our first date yet. (it's planned).

She likes the TV show, the Vikings. She also complimented me on my beard.

Should I keep it for the date or shave? If so what style/ how much of it?

I often have a short amount of facial hair, because it's easier than the daily shave. I can rock a full beard and mustache. I can't do the jawstrap beard (thin line) but other than that I can do a variety of styles.

I would imagine a moustache could make kissing more awkward.

Opinions please. Shave it? Keep it but short? Full beard? Moustache too? Vandyke? Just the chin?


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  • Women generally don't like moustaches. So steer clear. If she has already complimented you on your beard, and likes Vikings, why wouldn't you keep it?

    In general, women seem to prefer stubble. The most important thing is that it looks like you take care of yourself. If you look like you've let yourself go, that is unattractive to women.

    • So axe the moustache, what about the beard? Shave it short? Knock off the sides and keep the chin? I have like a full beard now.

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    • Thanks. So you think a hat is a bad idea? I know old fashioned people think it's inappropriate to eat with a hat on... I had a woman take it off on the first date to kiss me. That being said, with the hat on, you can't see the baldness, like the rest of my hair looks good.

    • "[W]ith the hat on, you can't see the baldness"

      NO NO NO dude! That is totally the wrong mindset. Women aren't stupid. She'll find out eventually. Remember you have a lot to offer besides a full head of hair. Accept the situation and then work with it to make your hair look as good as you can. Which usually means keeping it trimmed. You can wear a hat, sure, but don't use it to disguise your receding hairline. Use it as an accessory.

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