What is going on between us? Please help me out, I like her a lot.

Well, there's a girl I really like, we went out for four days then she broke up with me claiming it was too awkward. Now we're just friends, one day she texted me that she still likes me but isn't ready for a relationship, I don't know whether to believe her or not because she only said this after I stated to one of our mutual friends that I wasn't sure if she even liked me in the first place. Also, she always hangs out with another guy and seems to flirt with him. What should I do? What is she really thinking? Does she even like me or does she just feel sorry for me? Things are pretty much at a standstill for us now. Please help. Also, I really like her a lot, since 6th grade and should I go out with one of her friends that I sorta like?


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  • okay. well she's probably not ready for a full on commitment. the other guy is probably just someone she has a slight crush on or maybe he likes her and she's not sure how to choose between you two. I've been in that situation and it sounds bitchy but to the girl its less selfish seeming. but just keep talking to her and ask her like what's going on cause you don't wanna be used like that..good lucky


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