Do girls really agree to “Just the tip”?

I was looking at some memes and came across the ol’ just the tip meme and thought that it was weird that it’s been going on for so long so I’m guessing that there might be some women that are agreeing to do this. Below tell me what you think about it.
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  • How about you tell me about "just the tip" and I tell you what I think about it 😂 all that comes to mind is sex related and even then?

    • It is sex related. It’s when a man and woman only agree that a guy will put the tip of his penis into the vagina instead of asking for full on sex.

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    • Literally have no clue, maybe he's too big? 😂

    • I doubt that’s it.

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  • I've never even heard of this?

    • It’s when a guy agrees to only put the tip of his penis in the vagina.

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