Places to meet girls?

I feel like I'm at a point in my life where I just have no time. I don't go anywhere but work and the gym and all the girls I see at the gym either work there or I just don't want to meet a girl at the gym. All my friends have there girlfriends and they rarely hang out anymore and there girlfriends don't have friends. Where do I even meet anyone? I don't want to meet some one at a bar, online dating does not work and the girls I've even tried to ask out shoot me down. I see a couple I'm interested in but they are like the girl who cuts my hair who I'm sure gets hit on all the time or the girl who works at my gym who I'm sure gets hit on all the time. I'm just stuck I don't know any girls at all. I work go to the gym go home and do it again I'm fucking miserable! How the hell do I get to know anyone? Life is really boring right now!


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  • Well you surely don't want to go to the gym to meet girls they are all into their own world and have a resting bitch face and dont want to be bothered. Go to the mall and Try

    • No I'm to old for mall girls that's like high school days in my opinion

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    • Yeah well any girl that tries that one on me will be disappointed I'm saving for a house so she can eat top ramen with me or kick rocks..

    • I hear you brother you have a good plan good luck to you

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