Why are people so afraid of those with BPD in general and even more afraid of those with both BPD and ASD when it comes to dating?

The second women find out I have both BPD and Aspergers they tend to immediately tense up about talking to me and then just cease contact. Same thing happens to the mother of my son who also has BPD and Aspergers, but with men.


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  • I actually don't care.
    since I have a bit of psychology knowledge
    other people don't understand, they read online,
    so they scared they'll fuck up, and you'll hurt yourself and them.

    • Despite the lies some posts on the internet say about us. We aren't that dangerous. We are just very highly emotional, and very much in need of anothers love, affection, and approval. Constant rejection actually very much hurts us and on a much deeper level than someone without the disorder. I havnt even gotten started on ASD and the things it causes us to do without realizing it. Like be brutally honest and give too many details. Its honestly not our fault we struggle with boundaries, common sense, and reading someone's emotional body language.

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    • I don't really do much besides vent or talk about my life both current and past to my therapist. I don't think we have ever worked on the specialized treatment for it. I can't remember the the acronym for it ether. I desperately want a relationship. Like I feel so lonely it physically hurts. The only type of women I attract are codependents. Last girlfriend was talking about moving in with me and having kids on month 1. So I called it quits. Girl before that definitely had codependency as well and she demanded I stay with her when my friends and her were over and were gonna go to the fair. And then she got mad and snapped at me. Something was wrong so I broke it off.

    • I also realized I didn't actually like these 2 girls for a few reasons. The one I just didn't feel attracted to her. Her face and body was just yuck to me. The other girl the one that wanted a baby with me. She was cute but had mannerisms that really got on my nerves. Like when she saw me she called me baby but said it in the same voice you would use when baby talking your dog or cat. The only other thing that made me wanna break up was the fact we weren't sexually compatable. I had a very very high sex drive. Sex makes me feel loved. She tried to let me penetrate but I guess I was too thick. It hurt her bad when I even slightly attempted to enter her. And she'd push me away and say she just couldnt. It wasn't getting any better so I broke it off.

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