How should I handle this HELP?

I met a guy a week and a half ago our 1st date was something quick and nice just to get the feel for each other. They day after that date we didn’t see each other but exchanged some texts then the day after that he cooked for me then we talked all night (he tried having sex I declined and he was fine with it) this was a Thursday. Then Friday we didn’t talk all day which was fine over the weekend we texted and FaceTimed. Then Tuesday we met up around 8ish. Today is now Saturday but on Thursday we didn’t have contact all day. He is upset and says I only talk to him when I feel like it which is not true AT ALL and my feelings are kind of hurt that he would say that (I literally go out with him when he asks and sometimes I initiate it). There have been a few time he has called and I didn’t answer but would call back about 1.5 hours later.

I didn’t realize he would want to be in constant contact after a week and a half.

I feel extremely bad because my intentions weren’t to make him feel this way. Our conversation kind of ended abruptly and I want to reach out to make sure we are ok.

should I reach back out to him? If yes any suggestions on what to say without ruffling his feathers anymore than what they are?


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  • After a week and a half and he is already acting possessive or needy. Whatever the case. Get out while you can.

    • I hadn’t thought of him as being possessive but I guess it makes sense. He already started saying he loved me (I haven’t said it back). I responded how can you say that after 4 days. His response “He knows how he feels whether I believe it or not.” After our first date he was saying how much he missed me. He seems super sweet so I didn’t pay it any attention

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