Would you choose looks or personality?

Would you choose a guy/girl that is attractive and has an ok personality or magnetic personality with ok looking?
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  • Personality more then anything. I’ve always gone for average not so great lookin guys who I thought had great personalities. But all turned out to be crazy or cheaters. so for once I went for a guy who happened to be crazy attractive and a nice personality. HAH huge mistake xD. That’s all I gotta say. The guy I’m in love with is chubby, average looking but damn he is so sexy and attractive. His personality is what makes him look so attractive to me. So personality has always been a thing to me.

    • I dont wanna be nippy but just out of curiosity, what happend with the attractive good personality guy

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    • Sorry to hear that n thanks for ur help 😁

    • It’s all good! And sure x)

  • Personality is what makes a relationship
    Looks are deceiving
    Someone can have the looks of an angel but the personality of a devil
    That's why personality wins in the long run

  • You need a bit of both, but i think the one that makes you happiest is the one to choose.

    • Can people be happy just with looks?

    • Honestly no cause the physique fades overtime due to gravity and our bodies metabolism look at Chuck Norris or Arnold Schwarzenegger they look nothing like their youth so honestly it's the friendship that matters most

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