Stuck between two amazing guys?

If you had to chose between these two guys who would you chose?

Guy #1 The Recent Ex :
He's seen me at rock bottom and stuck around (I had a psychotic break and he pushed me through it)
Five years older and has more life experience and helps figure out things like taxes and mortgages w me
Is okay with a hangout being me napping at him place after night shift
Same interests
No topic of conversation is off limits
There's two years of history
The sex is 12/10
He's willing to fight for me
Considers me the most important person in his life
Makes me laugh

His communication skills go out the window when he's stressed
He can be very self centred
Has a habit of being flaky
Depression can put him through months of feeling disconnected from the world

Guy #2 The Rebound w Potential
Super ambitious
good job
Makes me try new things
Healthy lifestyle
has his shit together
Always wants to spend time together
Family and friends know him
Wants a serious relationship
Makes me laugh
Really good people skills, I could take him as a date anywhere
Loves to show me off

Moving way too fast emotionally
Slightly clingy
Always on the move not okay w just chilling in quiet
I don't know him that well yet
Couple kinks in bed that make me uncomfortable
Has an illness that may cut his life short
Not willing to talk about issues in life, almost too positive

I am currently single until I figure out what I want to do but I'm stuck between two amazing guys and I seriously am so confused rn
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Both sound great but why is your ex your ex? if you don't mind me asking. I think you should choose whoever you can see yourself with being the most happy with and having the least amount of stress with.

    • My ex is my ex because his depression got bad for a few months and essentially wouldn't see anyone or do anything. Wouldn't deal with it and was pushing me away so I left.

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    • You just left cuz he pushed you away, snake. You couldn't help him though his though times and replaces him damn, go wit the second guy i guess, no one really deserves a person like you tho

    • It was more than that, but hard to explain. We live ten minutes away from each other and he physically wouldn't let me see him or talk to him. I left but it was mutual and put the ball in his court because he wanted to work through it alone. We both needed to get healthy

Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd suggest you get back together with the first guy. What impresses me most is that he has been for you during tough times in your life.


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  • All I know is that if I listed my chick selections on here like this as a question there would be a single respondent.

  • The recent ex has so many pros compared to cons and the pros he has are infinitely better than the new guys.

    Why'd y'all even break up?

  • Guy B sounds fun, guy A sounds like husband material.

  • Guy 2, because stability is what you NEED in your life. A passionate love rollercoaster ride is just a fun way to spend a weekend.

  • Being with someone you know everything about is better than risking it... the recent ex sounds like a really great guy

  • Dating the ex, never a good idea

  • Get both

  • If it's an ex there was a reason for being the ex


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