Guys, Why did he disappear?

We had 3 really long good dates. I met his friends. I stayed over his apt and we had sex etc. He texted me later the night after our 3rd time seeing eachother and he seemed really interested. Then I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks! He sees my story on instragram and sends me a dm and starts flirting with me. He wanted to know about my trip (I was away on vacation) so I told him I’d be back this Thursday. He texted me today Saturday and asked if I had gotten a new car yet, told me to text his friend who owns a car dealership. I then asked how he has been and he said “I’ve been great! Been working a lot and having fun of course lol” I said “that’s good! Have any fun plans this weekend?” He said “no not really... I stayed at home the last few days working out, eating healthy meals and not drinking lol” so I said “ nice! Yea the meal you posted on insta looked good! I didn’t know you could cook?” He replies “I’m full of surprises” so I said “I bet you are 😉”

He “read” it but didn’t reply. I’m hesitant to ask him to hang out or to push it further bc he did disappear for 2 weeks after our 3rd date so I’m not sure what’s going on


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  • he doesn't want to have a relationship like you want. if you're honest and communicating with him and he ain't being honest back, then there's something amiss there. best of luck.

    • That’s what I thought.

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    • After a few good dates, you meeting his friends, sleeping together... he shouldn't just disappear for two weeks the re-connect with you on Instagram. Something had to have been going on for those two weeks. There are a lot of details I don't have but one of my initial thoughts is he spending time with another girl or maybe his attention is just so diverted he can't focus on a relationship for more than 3 good dates before he needs a break. Like @saltybooze said, something's amiss.

    • Sounds like there is something behind the scenes that were not catching on to or seek g what's missing at this point?

  • People are busy give him a chance. Seems like you have chemistry and like him (you already slept together... no I’m not judging).

    If he does invite you over for dinner what would you wear?

    • Well that’s the thing I don’t know if he will invite me. He read my message but didn’t reply. And while he was obviously flirting with me over Instagram the other day... he did disappear for 2 weeks after our 3rd date so I wasn’t sure what he wants

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    • Lol thanks! But the other guy who answered my question below said he doesn’t want a relationship like I do so I’m just confused too and worry he may be right

    • Hell at this point call him up while standing out side his place yes be there and tell him you have a surprise on the front door and it's time sensitive, then be standing there if he excited well good if he cringes and try to usher you off well we all seen that movie

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