He flaked last night... is it worth addressing?

So my boyfriend flaked last night from meeting one of my close friends who came to visit me from out of town...

Admittedly, he got a tattoo yesterday and was sore. But leading up to the hangout he kept saying “maybe I’ll be able to make it”... then at the set time he said he couldn’t make it.

It meant a lot to me that he meet her and though I didn’t stress it it seemed obvious... I even said “That’s disappointing” at the time he flaked.

She is disappointed as well. This is extremely out of character for him. Is this a problem worth addressing?


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  • Address it. Flaking is a sign of improper prioritizing. I've gotten tattoos and after gone shopping or biking. You're not that sore. Granted mine was only on my back. Address it and figure out if his distress is comparable to your disappointment


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