Could the guy i'm dating be telling the truth about his ex girlfriend?

I met this guy on instagram over a year ago and we started talking everyday. We realized we had a ton in common and we got along insanely well. We got to know each other for a long time and eventually he asked if I was seeing anyone and I wasn't, he said he wasn't either. Then a girl requested to follow me on insta and I saw she posted pictures of him so I asked who she was and he said it is an ex girlfriend. I found it odd but didn't accept the request from her. As the months went on I would see she posted pictures of him here and there from when they would hang out. When I asked him about it he'd say they are just friends. I'd tell him I feel it's weird and he should just tell me if they are together still or what the deal is. He always just said they were friends now. He ended up telling me she has problems with drugs and he hangs out with her because he worries about her. I took his word for it. We ended up meeting for the first time and many times after that. We did sexual stuff but not sex itself yet because i'm a virgin and he knows so we're taking it slow. He gets me as a person and has helped me through some major life events, I fell completely in love with him. He is kind to me and I've never been this close to someone. Over the past few months I still keep seeing photos online that they have hung out but he doesn't tell me when they do, instead gives me an excuse. He attends basically any family event of hers. I even saw pictures of her at his house which made me go crazy thinking they must be physical with each other. When I told him I saw them he said that he knows what it looks like but it's nothing. Her family recently went away on a vacation and he went, I saw photos online but he didn't tell me he was there and on those days he barely texted me. He has reassured me more times than I could count that there is nothing going on with them more than friends but I don't know what to think. He talks to me everyday and we have plans to hang out very soon...
Forgot to add that he lives about 90 miles away so we've been in a long distance thing. I love his area and was looking to move near him though and he was very excited about this


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  • i'm a little suspicious of him myself as he knows it makes you uncomfortable but he does it anyway, if he really cared for you he would cut ties with her immediately but obviously hasn't which makes me suspect something else might be going on there

    • ugh, this really sucks. he is the first guy i fell in love with. he should be cutting of ties with her or at least not lying about him hanging out with her

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    • no problem. i'm happy i could be helpful

    • another strange thing is he does not follow her on instagram.. it's so odd. she must know that. there are so many strange things to this whole story. i gotta work on making a different account now. after he hangs out with her he talks to me like normal but i feel horrible inside because i saw photos and don't want to tell him about it because it'll make me look so pathetic for stalking accounts to find it, and i get afraid he'll get annoyed i'm asking again. i just wanna feel better about it uggh. it confuses me how he invests so much time into me but would be cheating

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  • You could just ask the girl if anything is going on. It seems shady to me. No one posts pictures of guys they’re just friends with that frequently.

    • I've thought about it, but I will look so insecure to be asking her

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