Would you be okay with this?

My guy has a child from another woman. Which is cool due to the fact I have a kid from another man.

A few weeks ago i went to drop something off at his place while he was at work.

A woman I dont know goes into his house. Okay, Im not okay with this. For a few reasons... he should of told me who goes in his place while not there. Especially since we been together for over 9 months.

I told him what i saw and how it bothered me.

He told me i was amazing and caring, but he isn't meant to be stable. But after i tell him my piece he wants to see me. Now I haven't seen him but he watches what I do. Reads all messages but won't speak.

I believe if this was the only thing that didn't match up. I have the right to ask.

Who would be upset with your childs parent coming in their house without permission or not being home...

And there is no sign of a woman ever living at his place.


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  • hi, i am not completely sure of the facts here, he has a child you have a child, you live apart. you have found out the mother of his child gained access to his house when he was out and are confused as to why? did he have a reason why she did this? how long have they been apart? in his defence very often men have to be more submissive towards the mother to ensure a smoother access to their children as much as i hate to say it, its true... xx

    • Im cool that they stayed cool for the childs sake. But as his girlfriend i should kno that she does that.

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  • It sounds like he has another girl he’s seeing. Because if it was just his housekeeper or whatever he would have said so instead of trying to playing games

  • That is such a confusing story


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