Is this a good way to tell her how I feel?

I’ve known this woman for 3 years. She is 40 and I’m almost 34. She was my senior at work.

I met her on a course and instantly knew she was special. That evening I wrote about her in my diary not expecting to see her again. A year later we started working together.

We’re going out on Tuesday evening. Haven’t seen her in a few weeks - been away.

May be its royal wedding fever but I want to tell her how I feel. Thinking about showing her my diary entry and telling her I want my fairytale!!

This is what I wrote in my diary about her:

“Met a really cool consultant today. Don’t know her name but she defo made an impression! Seemed really down to earth, friendly, and made me feel comfortable. That’s a pretty hard thing to do. She was beautiful too. I don’t know her name... um… don’t be stupid!”

So is this a stupid idea?


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  • I would freak out if this is the first time getting to know someone. One month later when we decide to date it would be really special

    • We’ve been going out for dinner every few weeks since January. I was in a bad place in Jan and said I needed a friend when she told me she was single! Idiot right! We are both doctors and have busy schedules. Will see how it goes on the night..

    • Give it a try.
      Be cheeky and ask about her name like if this the first time you meet

  • it is a nice way


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