My boyfriend is more emotional then I am, how do I tell him I struggle with it because I'm not that emotional?

I have some emotional issues and I really struggle with dealing with emotions.
The guy I am seeing is my first boyfriend at 23 whereas I’m his sixth girlfriend. When we first started talking to each other I told him about my issues and he told me that he has similar issues for different reasons. He went on to tell me that the other five girls he dated were horrible people they cheated on him and treated him badly so he became emotionally switched off like me.
We had been dating for about three months now and I’m still struggling with being emotional. He went from being mature to very clingy and needy and it is being to get a bit too much for me, I tried to talk to him about it but he’ll say I don’t love him as much as he loves me or he’ll cry and tell me that I’m gonna leave him like his mother did. If I rush a text and don’t put a smiley emoji on it he’ll bombard my phone telling me there is something wrong with me and even if I tell him there isn't anything wrong he’ll keep asking if I’m sure.
He saw me briefly be emotional when I was due on my period and ever since then it's like he’s been trying to spark an emotional response. I’ve been on my period twice since then both times after we spoke about me being due on he tried to get me to be emotional once by writing me a sweet poem another time we had an argument. I know it’s probably him just being nice but I’m still trying to feel my way through my first relationship but I don’t want to waste his time either.
This whole thing must sound like a giant mess and advice would be so welcome!


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  • It's a sign of his insecurity. You gotta lay it out for him, even show him these comments because it'll get him to maybe toughen up some, which isn't a bad thing. It's good to be able to show and have emotions but he's gotta realize it's blurring things and now getting in the way. Give him a chance if you haven't to work through this if you think he's worth it. Maybe get him to find things he himself enjoys, he needs to focus on himself and other things a bit more so he isn't JUST preoccupied with you you know? Not your fault on that and that doesn't mean you gotta end it to do that unless it continues.

  • I can see why the other people cheated on him... Sounds really clingy. The most important question is do you still like him?

    • It's not that I don't like him, it's more I feel we're aren't right for eachother. That he's only with me because I'm here.
      Or I think about how he tells me how awful his ex's were would he tell people the same if we split up.

    • You won't be able to make a sensible decision if you are afraid of what he'll say if you do break up. Frankly given his personality, he'll probably talk crap about how he was wronged and etc. But based on the details you mentioned above, i don't think he's the right guy either. Unless there are other details that you didn't feel comfortable sharing.

    • I mean it's not even like we do anything together when we are together. Occasionally we go out but most of the time I'll go round to his and we'll have sex and that's about it.
      A couple of times I've tried to get him to watch a film with me and we'll just end up having sex. I don't think he's a bad guy and he does understand my issues but I feel if I'm still unsure of things and he's this clingy this early what can I expect from the future.

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