Talking to ex who has "issues to figure out"?

So. My now ex boyfriend and I were dating for 8 months in college. He is a senior and I am a junior. We have a very caring and loving relationship and are best friends. He recently broke up with me after a huge fight we had because he can't find a job, is extremely stressed, and feels EXTREMELY low about himself. He always had insecurity issues because he grew up in a family that never showed their emotions and didn't show care for him much since he went away.

I was very confused and heartbroken so we didn't talk for 2 weeks, and he started stalking my social media everyday even though he doesn't follow me, (like insta stories), and tweeting lyrics to our favorite song... so i was like wtf. So i reached out and we ended up talking on the phone for 3 hours and he told me he misses me so much, stalks me daily, and listens to all the playlists I made him. But he isn't sure of himself right now and feels extremely unworthy of love. He told me he needs to feel good about himself before he gets into any relationship.

I feel terrible for him because I know this is taking a huge toll on him, he would cry and stuff.. and he still says he loves me. however he is moving back across the country for 3 months until he comes back for graduate school. So now were talking every night on the phone/saying i love you to each other. BUT i told him i will wait & help you but i cannot wait forever. I know when to walk away, you need to tell me if you don't see us in the future together because i do. and he said okay i will respect that but right now i need to prioritize myself and my issues but i want you in my life and i feel so badly I'm putting u through this pain.
i told him I've cried all my tears (lie, I'm still crying) and i know when to walk away for myself. I'm also taking this as an opportunity to work on myself and my issues but i also just do not want to be led on and told "i can't do this at all" after me trying to support him. were also telling each other if we hook up up w/ peop


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