Anyone want to walk me through?

Taking decent pictures for dating website profiles. I'm the worst there maybe has ever been at it. I'd really appreciate it, which I'm sure makes all the difference...


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  • Have someone else take the photo. Use natural sunlight to make you look your best in the photos, or otherwise have plenty of light. A real smile, plus a clean, decent shirt with a collar and sleeves is good for a portrait type photo showing what your face really looks like. I recommend that you not post a picture of you holding a dead fish or dead animal. It's not a good look even if the lady likes hunting and fishing. (I have no issues with either and have done both.)

    Post pictures where it is very clear who you are, and you can be seen clearly. Avoid cliches like a distant photo of you water skiing, posing with a car you may or may not own, your dog, hiking, hiking with your dog, posing with a bunch of random hot chicks at some event where there were scantily clad women.

    • All great advice. I'd recommend at least one close-up and one full-body so they can see what you look like

      Supposedly wearing a sweater makes you look more honest. No sunglasses or folding your arms because that makes you look dishonest and unfriendly

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