Has she lost interest in me?

I went on a date with a girl last Sunday, went great, before that she was all over me, texting me all day, with hearts and all that. She had her ap exams, which she was very stressed for. So on Tuesday she was cramming the night before, and I said you should take a break, that way you give your brain a rest and don't drive yourself nuts. After that she was not texting me, So i kept trying to see what the problem was, yesterday she told me it was because I "told her to not study" which I did not. I was simply trying to help, I apologized and have really been missing her, we really had something great going. She rarely ever texts me now. My question is, has she lost interest, or just mad? And, can I get her back, and how? Any advice would be helpful, this has been driving me nuts.


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  • She obviously takes her studies seriously. Unless you know exactly her study habits or how long she studies I wouldn't advise telling her to take a break.
    ... It seems to me you need to give this some time. She's obviously stressed about her exams. Let her be stressed and study. Don't text her constantly and bothering why she won't text back as often. For real, be patient.

    My advise for you is tell her "Do your best and you'll do fine on the tests!". Encourage her. Mentally support her. Take her out to eat after she's done with testing to celebrate or something. Support her.

    • problem is the tests are over, and she’s still really mad about what happened, i don’t understand it

    • Hmm well it sounds like you may have pissed her off then or before that. Good luck!

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  • she's just mad. the stress probably got to her.
    i say do something really sweet (but make sure it revolves around her schedule or you might seem self-centred) maybe take her somewhere relaxing like a local park or for dinner.


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  • Hmm... this is a tricky one. Its a 50/50 situation. Ok, lets hope for the best. Text her sjnce she probably doesn't want to talk be like "Hey (insert girls name her), look, Im sorry that I upset you on Tuesday, I thought I was being helpful, I realise now that I wasn't. I feel really bad because we had something really good going. How about I take you out for some food to make up for it, My treat?

    • oh you’re a genius! i already said the first part but not the date part, should i add that in?

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    • this is what i said to her this morning: natalie i’m so sorry that it made it seem like i was trying to get you to not study. i was just trying to help you, i was so confused on why you weren’t talking to me anymore so i was just trying to be helpful cause i missed you. i really miss you. and i take full responsibility for what happened and i never meant to hurt you. if i can tell you the truth you mean a lot to me, and i miss being able to talk to you all day and hang out with you at study hall. i think you think i was trying to get you to stop studying when i said you should take a break, but that’s only because i didn’t want you to drive yourself nuts and study all night long, i was just trying to look out for you. and i see now how that can look like i didn’t want you to study. anyways i hope we can work this out because i really wanna talk to you again. and i hope you can forgive me.

    • It sounds good, a bit lengthly, but. that shows you care
      However you do repeat yourself somewhat, maybe dial it down a bit

  • Yeah.


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