Would you date a sick person?

Hi everybody.

I was wondering, would you date a sick person?
Like, i'm 22. And i'm sick, i have 3 things.. my liver is almost dead, my blood is a mess and all my muscles and stuff are irritated.

You can't see i'm sick and that i'm in pain. (See picture)

But to come back at the question.
I was dating a girl and we were really into each other. When i told here about my disease she dumped me and *poof* she was gone.

Would you date a sick person? Why or why not.

Thank you for your time! Would you date a sick person?Would you date a sick person?
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  • I would not date a sick person, it's to hard to deal with for me. I have many very sick people in my family and I seriously can't deal with more people important for me being sick, that's just too much for me.

    • Its good that you are honest!
      But if you really like a guy.. does it really matter then?

    • Thanks ^-^
      I would stay his friend and not involve in a relationship with him, I think if I go in a relationship I would get much stronger feeling for him so it would hurt me even more.

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • I guess it depends on what kind of sickness and how severe it will be. Like, is getting into this relationship signing me up to eventually become a full time carer for someone? It's important to consider. My partner was diagnosed just over a year ago with type 1 diabetes so he has a life-altering illness that he has to deal with on a daily basis but it can be controlled and managed so it doesn't impact very much on our relationship.

    • If i look at my situation.

      It is : i don't have the energy to do everything i want.. i need more rest then "normal" people.

      So the only thing my partner would experience is that i'm sometimes in a lot of pain. And need to take some rest and want a hug

    • I would probably be okay with that

  • That's a hard one. I'd probably avoid to start something new with a person with a serious, life-threatening disease because it brings a lot of stress and worries to everyone around them. It might be selfish, but as long as I do not really care about someone I'd prefer not to risk to become involved in this.
    It's something different if someone I'm already in love with gets a disease, like cancer or whatever. Then, I'd obviously stay with him till the end.

    • This is how I feel too. The prospect of losing a romantic partner at this time of life isn't exactly endearing. Obviously, that can happen anyway even if the person is healthy (if they die in an accident for example). However, the odds are significantly increased if the person has a life-threatening illness. I just wouldn't be willing to take on that kind of burden for someone I was not emotionally invested in yet, as selfish as it may be.

  • If it was known at the very beginning I wouldn’t.
    However if it was told to me after months into the relationship and I’d have feelings I don’t know. I probably would stay.

  • No I don't want to date sick people

    • But why not.
      For example.

      The cutest girl you have ever seen tells you that she had a sickness that is making her tired. You only have to hug her to make her comfortable when she is not feeling good.

      90% she is "fine" and you can do everything you want.

      Is it still a big problem.. would you not want to take care for her.. just those 10%?

  • yes I would.


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