I can’t go out?

My girl friend for the past 8 month has been great. We have our fights and arguments but nothing that broke up apart. One problem that has always been coming up is me going out with my friends.

Almost every single time when my friends call to go out she says she’s tired or she wants to go home. Then if I go she makes me feel guilty about it. Most times I stay with her when she doesn’t want to go.

Last night I really wanted to go out with my friends just for fun and drink a little.

When we were at the gym she made it sound ok that I can go out. During that time my friends only said we might go out and didn’t text back.

After our workout I took her home and was driving back to my house. When my friend texted me and said let’s go to a bar! I went at head and texted her thinking it’s fine cause she was so cool about it at the gym. When she heard I was going out she gotten really pissed! She told me to go home right away! I cannot go out because I did not tell her before hand. To told her it happen when I was driving home. She didn’t believe me said I was a liar.

This isn’t the first time it happened. Most my friends don’t bother contact me cause this happened so often.

Are there any suggesting in talking to her?


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  • Sounds like she controlling you which is not healthy

    • Thank you for replying.

      I understand that she maybe a bit controlling. Is there anyway to make her more trusting and let me go out.

      I took her to meet my friends a few times but she still doesn’t seem to trust me.

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    • Tbh i never had this issue with my girlfriend but just be honest say i dont like how you won't let me see my mates i should not need your permission etc and see if you can find out why she dont like you going there is obviously a reosen behind it ask her why she won't

    • Ok thank you. I will ask her again

  • WOW! i thought i was controlling, tell her that's not on. You can go out, so long as you are not cancelling on her...


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