Im separated his separated and the crush I have on him is driving me crazy. Do I make a move?

I like a man I'm pretty sure he likes me to.
He used to wink at me all the time. Now we flirt and stare at each other.
I once gave him a piece of cake I cooked after he asked where his piece was. My daughter handed to him and he jokingly said I love your mum she's great.
His been very heavy with eye contact since.
I caught us staring at each other today
I've known him for a little while. We flirt and play tease all the time. We both don't want relationships as we came out of pretty much the same kind of relationships with alcoholics. So I really just want to hang out as friends and take it from there. His the only man to light my desire in a long time.
I don't know whether to make a move and give him my number or wait and see what he does.
He makes me weak at the knees with butterflies
I'm 35 I haven't had that before not even with my husband.
Advice please?


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  • Give him your number
    He might fell the same way


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