My boyfriend's parents hate me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years. He's my first relationship because I waited to date until I found someone I wanted to be my husband. We love each other very much, are loyal and committed, and are planning to get married. However, his parents don't like me. His parents aren't emotional people. I'm an INFJ, and his dad is like an INTJ. His dad is a deacon and both parents are homophobic. His parents think I'm crazy because I was in the hospital for depression when I was seventeen after experiencing a childhood of abuse. They also think I'm too shy. One time when we were at a restaurant, I talked to my boyfriend privately for five minutes out of the hour and a half meal because the loud noises were making me nervous. Later, his parents told my boyfriend that I was being selfish because of it and ruined their whole night. Even though my boyfriend and I want to get married, his parents want to see my boyfriend break up with me. It hurts my feelings a lot. They are polite to my face, but they will gossip behind my back and hate on me to my boyfriend. My boyfriend has tried to get me to get on their good side, but even though I act nice to them, they still don't like me. I love my boyfriend like crazy and care about him so much. Yes, I may be introverted and have a tad bit of anxiety from time to time, but the only thing really wrong with me is that I'm not the perfect choice for his parents.
What can I do? How do you suggest I handle this now and in the future? How can my boyfriend and I work through this?
Sorry, I meant that his dad is an ISTJ. NOT an intj.


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  • Gee! That's tough!

    • Lol tell me about it

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your input and your prayer:)

    • You're welcome. :)

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