Am I being over sensitive or was my boyfriend being a jerk?

My boyfriend was coughing all night and wasn’t really getting any sleep. I offered to get a sheet cause he was hot. He said he was fine. I offered to get up and get him some cough medicine. He said he was fine. He was up all night and had to wake up at 4 a. m. I went to sleep at 11 which means I didn’t ask anything else. The moment he woke up to go to work he went off on me.

He said he was trying to go to sleep last night but I was being so f******* annoying by asking did he want this and this. I was not trying to be annoying. I felt bad for him cause he was coughing so bad and was sweating. I didn’t know me caring and trying to help him was considered being annoying. That really hurt my feelings when he talked to me like that this morning.


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  • People are very different in how they want to be treated when ill. I just want to be left alone in my misery and will ask for what I need. Others need to be catered to, hand and foot. Your boyfriend sounds like me. The next morning he is exhausted, probably still feeling crappy and had a bad moment. Tell him you don't appreciate being spoken to like that but understand he felt like crap. Then try your best to give that to him. It wlil be best for everyone.


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  • He didn't get enough sleep and was probably tired and irritated. He definitely shouldn't have taken it out on you, but sometimes it happens. If he doesn't apologise to you the next time he sees you, you should tell him how you feel about it.


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  • he was definitely being a jerk, you were just trying to take care of him because he was coughing, any normal partner would do that for their s/o

    • That’s what I said to him. He just kept saying it was annoying.

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    • Yes I know. That just hurt my feelIngs

    • yeah i can tell that, hopefully when you guys talk next he'll apologise tbh

  • Oh no you really cared for him
    But why did he say like that
    You really cared for him


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