Hooters andr such?

Do you guys go to Hooters when you're in a relationship, and what do you get out of it? I mean if the chick is not completely stuck up, you have to know she's only flirting for a bigger tip right? Do you really get a thrill out of looking at a chick in shorts and a tank? I mean even a strip club you can't touch so what's the point? And do you feel like a guy is whipped if he don't go to a place like that? Chicks do you stop your man from going?


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  • I went to Hooter's one time maybe 7 years ago. I didn't care much for the place so no I have no interest in ever going there again.

    I don't go there so it is a moot point. If I liked the place and my lady was hurt by it I'd gladly not go out of respect and honor to her feelings.

    Strip clubs? They're trash I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those places paying those losers money to take their clothes off. Intentionally lusting after other women and paying women to take their clothes off for you and letting them dance on your lap isn't the recipe for a healthy, respectful relationship so your "can't touch" copout is basically a load of crap.


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  • Do I stop him going to a restaraunt?
    No, that has to be the ultimate in controlling behaviour showing a huge lack of self esteem. I trust my husband, I wouldn’t be with him if I didn’t and he can look at anyone he wants. He always comes home to eat

    • I used to feel that way to an extent. I wouldn't have stopped him from going out any restaurant however I would hate to think he was lusting after another woman regardless of where he saw said woman. Then I found out he was doing drugs and cheating with a woman whom we both worked with.

      Currently seeing a new guy and his (married) co-workers made the "would she let you go" comment.
      So first off why is it on me, he says he doesn't want to but hell we're not even serious so I dont really care. But it makes me wonder what they get out of it...

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  • Well I am no guy but I am pretty sure guys enjoy looking at pretty girls... so the point is getting to look at attractive women. I have no problem with guys doing that. I would not stop my man from going. Its about confidence. I am confident he would be coming home to me.

  • Wow... Are you seriously asking if guys get a thrill from looking at chicks in shorts and a tank?

    Girls watch men sports, often having little knowledge of the game... Wonder what they get out of it...🤔

  • I've never been to Hooters, but is it really much different than anywhere else? I mean, even everyday waitresses can and do dress provocatively sometimes. I don't see the big deal.

  • I never go to hooters.

    I like small boobs xD

    • 😄 not really the point, I'm sure they dont require a specific bra size to be employed

    • Umm... I thought they do. As far as I have seen from afar.

      Dude, those *hooters* are so huge that radar can pick them up. Well, the silicone in them.

      Anyways, I do realize that flirtyness in any given such place is for more tip.

      ALTHOUGH I have a good counter example... XD

  • Never been to one. You bring up a good point about the strip club though. You can't touch at either one, so might as well go to the strip club.

    • Do you enjoy looking and not touching?

      Even if there was a "Male version" of a restaurant like that or strip club for that matter I wouldn't waste my time because I would know it wasn't going anywhere

    • I mean looking definitely isn't as good as touching, but when I've got no relationship and am lonely or horny looking and not touching is still better than nothing at all. It's kinda the same thing as porn. When in a relationship I've really got no reason or urge to watch it, but when I'm not in one I watch it a lot because I don't have an actual girl.

  • I mean what's the harm in not giving a tip huh? 🌚

    • Not tipping someone who is making typically $2.13 per hour is just rude and wasting their time, they gotta pay Bill's and most people are pretty demanding of their servers keeping drinks full and ask for extra shot constantly

    • Keeping drinks full and extra shots are what i'm paying for anyway, not what i tip for
      It's the waiter/waitress's job to do this and a tip is just extra and won't affect my access to this place again nor my reputation

      I only give tip to the worker i like and i think they're working hard
      But dressing as a slut and serving food or drinks because you're lucky enough to have sexy genes isn't hard work, it's being lazy and using what others don't have to make money just because you're lucky
      If she's dressing like that and is getting 2.13$ an hour then i have 0 respect for her too

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