Should I remain in contact with him?

This guy and I was getting to know one another and basically dating but I didn’t want to continue so I ended it. He sent a message and asked if we can still be friends so I agreed. 3 days later I texted him and he started a conversation than automatically went ghost. I didn’t look into it because I already ended everything and it was up to him to do what he wanted. Days later he began to watch my insta/snap stories every second I posted.

It’s May now and he never posts but I saw a insta video so I directed messaged on him a simple compliment on Instagram. He said thanks so I liked the message and deleted it. I checked my phone and I saw two messages from him.

I’m thinking, I didn’t expect a message especially how everything ended but I wasn’t expecting anything in return especially the way he handled the situation.

Why did he text and what is his intentions?


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